Introduction to Laser Decap: The laser decapsulation machine is used to remove the encapsulation material from electronic components, specifically by using laser technology. In recent years, there has been an increase in copper wire products, and customers have increasingly higher requirements for decapsulation, leading to the demand for laser decapsulation machines. These machines are favored by customers due to their safety, convenience, and high reliability.

ICDECAP LIMITED is a Hong Kong-based company specializing in failure analysis and decapsulation equipment. With over ten years of experience in automated decapsulation development and manufacturing, we provide comprehensive products, methods, and technical support to meet the decapsulation requirements of semiconductor devices.ICDECAP LIMITED Limited offers laser decap, plasma decap, as well as laser plasma decapsulation machines, to meet the evolving needs in the field of semiconductor device failure analysis.

Features of Laser Decapsulation Machine:

  1. Provides excellent decapsulation results for copper wire packaging.
  2. Convenient decapsulation for complex samples.
  3. High repeatability and consistency.
  4. Computer-controlled decapsulation shape, position, size, time, etc., for easy operation.
  5. Low environmental and human pollution, ensuring high safety.
  6. Minimal consumables, resulting in low operating costs.
  7. Compact size, easy to place.